THE4POINTS is how we share the Gospel

THE4POINTS represent the wonderful good news of the Christian message in 4 simple points:

| God loves me| I have sinned | Jesus died for me | I need to decide to live for God |

5/23-25 (Tue-Thu) 15:15-17:45

@Yoyogi Park Meiji Jingu Entrance


Using media as a tool for outreach is a great way to break down barriers and start a conversation. From doing “surveys” to posing for pictures and a variety of other projects and strategies, media is a great tool for outreach.


This is the heart and soul of outreach in Japan. By seeking to pray for and reach out to the Japanese people we hope to make a major impact in the culture here.


Music is truly a universal language. Through concerts, live street worship, flashmobs and more we utilize the power of music to connect with and break through to the Japanese people. Shift the youth culture; Lift Jesus’ name Higher |


We believe that serving the community is a major part of changing the culture and is certainly the responsibility of the church. Through specific events we seek to serve, assist and help out the local churches make the best impact on their local communities. Prayer, Mission and Justice | 24-7 Prayer

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