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Japan Joins 200 Countries June 14th For Coordinated Evangelism on Global Outreach Day with Flash Mobs and Concert:

Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) is a day when Christians from over 200 countries around the world engage in a coordinated evangelism push. The Global Outreach Day movement was started in 2012 by Werner Nachtigal of the German missionary group No Limit. 2.5 million Christians have participated in this “Day of Evangelism” in the last 2 years, with a total of more than 3 million people being led to faith worldwide as a result. This year G.O.D. fell on June 14th, with events such as flash mobs and concerts in Japan as part of a one week outreach called “One Week To Shine”.

A flash mob was held at the Shibuya intersection crossing last year for G.O.D. THE4POINTS was the main focus with the message of the Bible communicated using symbols for 4 key concepts at this intersection where, at peak times, up to 3000 people cross at any one time. The impact was significant, even though there is only 30 seconds to evangelize while the lights had changed. Wristbands and tracts with symbols of the THE4POINTS Bible message were handed out to anyone interested. Flash mobs are also planned for this year. The meet up is at 9AM on June 14th in front of the Mark City East Mall at Shibuya Station.

The 14th will also see the free Joy Festival concert at the small concert hall in Hibiya Park at 1PM featuring performances by Ray Sidney, Hallelujah Gospel Family, Samuelle, Yokoyama Daisuke, and Yokohama Gospel Hula. G.O.D.’s defining point is that it is a movement in which regular Christians can “evangelize in many different ways using the diversity of gifts and opportunities they have received from God.” It’s not about pushing a special big-name speaker, so no one in particular is designated to give a message at this concert either.

This year, G.O.D. is not just about a single day, but will be part of a week of events called “One Week To Shine”. Room 411 at the Ochanomizu Christian Center (OCC) in Ochanomizu is being booked from June 9th (Monday) until June 13th (Friday) between 9AM and 8PM for prayer time and meetings up to 3PM with outreach after that. There will be booklets in English and Japanese called “The 3 Steps of Personal Evangelism” plus an orientation event from 10AM on June 9th.

June 8th, the first day of “One Week To Shine” and also Pentecost Sunday, also coincides with the international prayer movement Global Day of Prayer (GDOP). This will be held on the 8th at from 6PM at Tokyo Union Church.

G.O.D. itself was started as the result of collaboration between prayer networks GDOP, IHOP (International House of Prayer), and 24/7 Prayer. In Lagos, Nigeria G.O.D. has been kicked off with a giant prayer meeting of over 1 million people. GDOP is the biggest prayer movement in the world with 350 million participants.

G.O.D. is supported by groups such as WEA, Campus Crusade for Christ, YWAM and Alpha International in different parts of the world, and in Japan by JEA and JEMA.

The G.O.D. booklet raises awareness of the facts that 6,600 people groups and 90% of Muslims have not heard the Gospel, but also points out that “90% of churchgoers have never proclaimed the Gospel.” The two reasons given for this are that “Christians have not been mobilized to spread the Gospel” and that “Christians have not received training in evangelism.”

“Imagine a day when all the Christians around the world proclaim the Gospel at the same time. We are mobilizing with the goal of having huge numbers of Christians engaging in evangelism for the first time. This is the chance to respond to the Great Commission.”

“Global Outreach Day is when large numbers of Christians of different cultural backgrounds, ages, and denominations evangelize in every part of the world in a diversity of ways using the gifts and opportunities God has given them. No big-name evangelist comes. Everyone gets out and does it. We want this to be a special day for Christians on the same level as Christmas or Easter.”