5/23-25 (Tue-Thu) 9:45-11:45 am

@National Olympic Memorial youth Center

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  • King & Kingdom

    Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 午後1.37.58“Reflecting on how renewal taught us to pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’,  for many years God has come surprisingly willingly to countless meetings, conferences, services and even (dare I say it?) – prayer rooms. But now, the tables seem to be turning. Everywhere I go in the world I sense a new day dawning. Perhaps it’s time for the renewal of the church to overflow into the renewal of the earth. Maybe the Spirit is saying, ‘Come, holy people. Come to *my* meetings. Come to the streets. Come to the schools. The clubs and bars. Come to the marketplaces, the messy places, the prisons. You’ve seen the wonderful things that can happen when I attend your meetings, but you really ain’t seen nothin’ yet! If you will just attend my meetings, you’ll find out what my power, my presence, my advocacy and gifts can do!’ And so the question we must ask ourselves is this: will we stay in our safe environments being renewed and blessed, or will we go out and become a blessing to renew nations?” Pete Greig/ Founder & Director 24-7Prayer.com

  • Why Japan?

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    “Today Japans rapid ascendancy seems dwarfed by the meteoric rise of China. Japan doesn’t get talked about as much as it once did. Meanwhile some of lesser `Asian dragons`have emulated a Japanese model to great success. However the smart money might suggest that since much of these nations development aped a Japanese model, Japans present might offer omens of China or South Koreas future.
    The country was barely clambering out of a recession in 2011 when it was hit by the triple whammy of the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster. Today it faces the ongoing austerity of a constricted economy, held off by the `Abenomics` stimulus package and the prospects presented by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”
    Modern Japan – all that matters | Jonathan Clements
  • Next Generation

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    ENVISION the best future. We are here to change things for the better.

    ENABLE young generation to engage with media and do ministry in new ways. We believe this will bring a new confidence and open wide doors.

    EXPAND into every area of society to see GODS Kingdom come. We want to not only influence but shift the culture

  • New Media

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    We all long for authentic relationships. Media can detract from our relationships but, if handled well, it will enhance these connections for the better.

    The next generation is the “smartphone generation” and the chances to connect with people of this generation are easier, faster and more significant than ever before. This is true in Japan where we have the 2nd highest internet penetration in the world with 86% of the population online. This millennial generation is searching for their purpose and identity. They are wrestling with “FOMO” and “YOLO” – fear of missing out and you only live once! We need to help them know that they were made for something more. That’s made possible by knowing God. In ministry and life we need to focus on mentoring and empowering young leaders for the future of Japan. This needs to be done in twenties to help them find their “sweet spot” and walk in Gods calling.

    We need to be intentional and aim younger in this. (Check out www.PaulSohn.org)

    This is the vision and purpose of 7Media- to create new media for the next generation.

  • Vision 2020

    15540300_10207812558020649_2051038079_oWe are on a journey to 2020 when the Olympics & Paralympics will come from Rio to Tokyo. Before this we will have Rugby World Cup in 2019 across 12 cities in Japan.These global sports events create unprecedented opportunity for ministry in Japan! We can focus on the next generation of Japanese through sports ministry. This is also a significant chance for our churches to connect with our communities in new approaches. Media can connect in dynamic new ways. Many international guests will come to Japan. Lets make the most of the opportunities God is giving to us.

We have a Window of Opportunity in the next 5 years!