Tuesday 7PM, May 24th @1K-Tokyo Share Dining, Ikebukuro

On Tuesday May 24th, we are having MEDIA WORKSHOP. Creative Producer & Director out of London, Andreas Kranzler will speak about few topics.
He is currently working on a project called Perfect Song which was successfully launched though Kickstarter Campaign.

The Topic at the WORKSHOP include:
1. “Why Media? Testimonial videos/ mini documentaries – tell the story of who you are.”
2. “Assembling a basic Media kit.”
3. “What does a good story need?”

May 26th & 27th @Sakuragicho & Ikebukuro

Featuring: Galactus Jack

Galactus Jack is a Christian speaker, author and DJ based in Manchester, UK.He works for the biggest youth evangelism movement in Europe, Message Trust as manager of the Higher Tour – an ambitious youth mission aiming to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with 2 million young people over the next 5 years.

Galactus Jack has performed all over the world, fusing energetic DJ performances with his enthusiasm for talking about his faith in Jesus.