“Online Connections to Offline Relationships”

During SHINE we run campaigns with social media to engage non christians / target group is aged under 35 and in Japan.

Through our media we focus on short films; the desire is to have heartfelt connection through story telling. We need to go beyond information level and want people to be moved by what they hear and see. Our stories for SHINE2017 are:

  • Life stories with Nick Vujicic
  • Youth culture (dance & music / JP & motivational /Jon Pritkin)
  • Sports stories (as we journey to 2020) with NEW sports for 2020 in baseball (safarte) & with surfing (okumura) 

  • Young Professionals looking at life and work (Osato & Takahashi)

ALSO printed FREE newspaper for large evangelistic events & for churches to order for their outreach. These newspaper articles connect to online stories with QR codes for short films, homepages and hashtags.

Campaigns are running with Facebook ads & Google to bring people to discover meaning of life  and hope for their future. Thru Christian witness its hoped they will want to explore more about Gospel that has been introduced.

All online stories pathway to THE4POINTS to explain gospel in 4 clear symbols – we made film with young Japanese to explain this

THE4POINTS make it clear (you have to choose jesus) and also distinct (not cult / new religion but mainstream Christian faith) 

We will run  campaigns over the Summer and also have FREE newspaper and THE4POINTS postcards available to order for youth camps and church outreaches

The aim of online ministry with THE4POINTS, and also offline events at SHINE, is to connect seekers to Christian community- such as sports clubs /  gospel choir / english schools / alpha course as stepping stone to local Churches. During SHINE weeks (27May-4 June) we had team members connect new friends and follow up to THE4POINTS Facebook page and also the Homepage. There is actually opportunity for people to respond to Gospel online, to send in question they have about life or faith, and also chance to follow a pray to accept Jesus in their hearts. When we ran campaigns recently at Easter and Christmas we have started to see enquiries submitted and also a number of people coming to faith in Christ. 

Its out hope at 7MEDIA we can build this online momentum to reach more youth in Japan but also Japanese overseas. They are the “smartphone generation” and searching for their future. There is much to be done for follow up and to build relationships; we are working on ways to improve this and have a long way to go. We hope Japanese Churches all over Japan will see the huge potential for new media to engage the next generation and be active in media ministry.