“If we can figure out a way to turn an audience into an army, it will change the world. Be part of Global Outreach Day.” Rick Warren

The vision of Global Outreach Day is for every believer to share the Gospel on the last Saturday of May every year. About 50 Million Christians in more than 100 nations will participate this year. The aim is for every believer to reach at least one person with the Good News on that day.

Japan Outreach Day

God Colours were on display in 4 Major Cities on Japan Outreach Day!

 (Article in Japanese)

+ Yokohama

– Sports focus as we journey to 2020.

In the morning we had Futsal ministry with local churches!

In the Afternoon we did outreach around Yokohama stadium!

Evening event was to hear life stories from a Baseball star!

Click hear to read the articles, Futsal Ministry / Baseball star life stories.

OSAKA – Outreach in the big city and youth center

NAGOYA – Homeless Ministry


THE4POINTS is how we share the Gospel

They represent the wonderful good news of the Christian message in four simple points:

God loves me

The four points are an overview or summary of the entire bible and the first thing you need to know is that God is crazy about you! His love is unlimited and completely unconditional. There is nothing you can do to make God love you any more or less than He does right now. There is nothing God wants more than to love and be loved by you.

I have sinned

Sadly we have all been separated from God’s love by something the bible calls sin. Simply put sin is choosing to live for ourselves rather than God. We sin when we ignore God, break his laws and basically do things our own way. Sin destroys relationships with friends, with family and with God. The bible says that sin ultimately brings death.

Jesus died for me

The third points is probably one of the most well known facts in the history of mankind but is often misunderstood. The key is to realise that the penalty for sin is death. We’ve all sinned and we all deserve to die. But God, who is full of mercy, loved you so much that He sent Jesus to come and die in your place. Jesus died so that we can have eternal life.

I need to decide to live for God

God has done everything He can to demonstrate just how important you are to Him. It is now up to you to decide what you want to do. God is offering you life in all it’s fullness for all eternity. All you need to do is accept that you’ve sinned, ask for God’s forgiveness and decide to live the rest of your life only for Him. The choice is yours.

Global Outreach Day creates a global momentum that makes it easier for every believer to step out and do something. Join millions of Christians moving, praying and acting all on the same day. Encourage and inspire each other!  Be part of a wave of evangelism and salvation that will sweep the globe!

Here in Japan we’ll be having live music, dancing, flash mobs, street evangelism, prayer ministry and more! When we show God’s love to the people of Japan, so many lives will never be the same.

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