SHINE Evangelism and events in Tokyo & Yokohama (Featured in Christian Today)

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For one week starting on Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) to Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.), there will be an outreach campaign led by international teams called “SHINE JAPAN” held in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas.  GDOP, also the first day of SHINE JAPAN, was held on May 24 with around 100 people from an array of denominations gathering at Tokyo Union Church in Tokyo’s Omotesando to pray for various regions around the globe under the motto, “Pray Together.”  Coinciding with Pentecost, GDOP is an annual prayer movement held simultaneously around the world, with its beginnings in South Africa in 2000 and now having spread to 220 countries.  On this day, participants prayed collectively, as well as in small groups for individual participant’s prayer requests, ending in worldwide prayers offered in English and Japanese.  One participant commented, “The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident and my heart was comforted. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to bring revival in Japan.” Regarding praying together with people from various ethnicities, he mentioned, “Even though we come from different racial backgrounds, we all belong to the same God-believing family. When our hearts were united in prayer for one another, I felt so blessed.”

Whereas GDOP was held for the 16th time this year, G.O.D. is relatively new, being held for the 4 time.  It was launched in 2012 by Werner Nachtigal, representative of German missions organization, “No Limit.”  25 million people have participated to date and it is spreading rapidly around the world.  G.O.D. was started in Japan by Andy Game, missionary and CEO of 7MEDIA, official partner of G.O.D.  After meeting Nachtigal at a missions conference in Indonesia, Game became the initiator of the work in Japan.

Game, who introduced the British evangelism program, “Alpha Course,” to Japan, founded 7MEDIA in Aug. 2011 with the concept of creating “a new multimedia ministry encompassing the 7 spheres of society.”  His hope is that through this ministry, young people will pray for each other and expand their areas of evangelism.

SHINE JAPAN, which originated from GDOP, took its name from last year’s “ONE WEEK TO SHINE.”  Similarly to last year, the week from GDOP to G.O.D. is centered on outreach, with prayer and gatherings in the morning, hitting the streets to share the gospel in Tokyo and Yokohama in the afternoon, and ending with a nightly event in Yokohama.

The final day of SHINE JAPAN lands on G.O.D. (May 30), on which a concert entitled “JOY FESTIVAL,” hosted by THE4POINTS, the youth outreach ministry of 7MEDIA, will be held at 1PM in the Open-air Concert Hall in Hibiya Park in conjunction with G.O.D. and SHINE JAPAN.  Admission is free, with a wide variety of artists performing, such as Daisuke Yokoyama, Jon Levy, ABC Ballet, New Hope Hula Dance, Ray Sidney, and Hallelujah Gospel Family.  Check out the SHINE JAPAN website for more info.