Japan prepares for Global Outreach Day, coming this May

German evangelist Werner Nachtigal was in Japan recently to help prepare for the coming Global Outreach Day.  Christian Today picked up the story.  See the translated story below.

The vision rally for Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) was held at Ochanomizu Christian Center (Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo) on Apr. 17.  G.O.D., which lands on the last Saturday in May, is a day set aside for Christians to evangelize concurrently around the world, started in 2012 by German missions organization “No Limit” representative, Werner Nachtigal.  It has been held in over 100 countries with the cooperation of World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and local missions organizations.  In Japan, G.O.D. was spearheaded by 7MEDIA, multimedia ministry founded by British missionary, Andy Game and official partner of G.O.D.  Last year, the week leading from Global Day Of Prayer (GDOP) and G.O.D. was named “ONE WEEK TO SHINE,” with dance, music and flash mobs in various locations in Tokyo, as well as handing out evangelistic tracts to passers-by.

This year, a similar event called “SHINE JAPAN” will be held from May 22 (Fri.) to 31 (Sun.).   At the vision rally held prior to this event, Nachtigal was invited as a special guest, encouraging participants, “G.O.D. is powerful because it’s so simple.”

Nachtigal, who is from Germany, shared that as a child, he never heard anyone talking about Jesus Christ.  Even in a society with deep Christian roots and many traditional Christians, there may be only a few Christians who have accepted Jesus’ salvation in the true sense, he reflected.  After having been born again towards the end of his teenage years through the influence of a pastor, Nachtigal has been sharing the gospel for 32 years with the same passion as he had on the night he was saved.

In 2008, Nachtigal was given this vision: “That Christians everywhere would share the gospel on a single day.”  Even though Christianity is not a “religion” but rather the “Good News” for all humanity, over 90 percent of churches are not fervently sharing this gospel, Nachtigal states.  For sure, we can’t say that evangelism is “easy.”  If some were told to evangelize everyday, there would probably be quite a large number who would think it quite difficult.  However, if someone were to say, “Why don’t all Christians around the globe evangelize together at least on this one day?,” Nachtigal believes that churches would be moved into action, perhaps even triggering nation-wide change.

What happens at G.O.D. is extremely simple.  “Pray and evangelize.”  It is merely praying, “Here am I.  Send me,” sharing the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross, which is the essence of the gospel, and showing love to mankind.  How that is put into action is left up to each individual, but what is most important is “showing an interest” in the one you are sharing with.  God has such a big heart that He can care for every Japanese person.  What is most significant is that God himself desires all people to be saved.  In Germany, a revival came when the wall of Berlin was torn down.  Having gone through such an historic disaster as the Great East Japan Earthquake, this is a time when the hearts of Japanese are becoming surprisingly open.  “This is the day of salvation,” Nachtigal declares.

The 7MEDIA staff, who introduced the work of G.O.D. in Japan using footage from last year’s “ONE WEEK TO SHINE,” also agreed that Japan is changing.  They said that through last year’s event, they got a strong sense of the spiritual hunger of the Japanese.  It became clear from last year’s results in regards to outreach to young people, that performances such as flash mobs, international events, and expressing joy were extremely effective.  From this year, they are hoping to have more local churches get involved, focusing not only on youth, but all ages young and old.