Ochanomizu Christian Center

Ochanomizu Christian Center (OCC) in Ochanomizu will be the hub for the SHINE Lifestyle 2018! OCC is near Akihabara, the pop-culture & digital epicenter of Tokyo.


Here are four suggested hostels, two near Asakusa and two near Ueno/Iriya. Please check whether prices includes Japan’s 8% sales tax.

Asakusa is a 13 minute (Y320) train ride from Ochanomizu Christian Center, where some Shine activities will take place, including one transfer.

Iriya is a 16 minute ride  (Y310), again including one transfer.

These hostels typically have a mini-kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, perhaps a one-ring hob, laundry facilities, towels (perhaps clean daily), shampoo etc. Showers may be en-suite, across a corridor or shared. However please check the details below.

Hotel 3000 Jyuroku

ホテル 3000 聚楽

Hotel 3000 Jyuroku near Asakusa Tsukuba Express line station

Right among the bright lights of Asakusa  (Tsukuba Express Line) station area

Nishi-Asakusa 2-14-12,  +81 3 6802 7310.  Toni, manager, speaks English

email is

New and smart. Rooms are 2 beds, 2-3 beds, 6 beds, 8 beds. Have beds for 60-70 but, with some bookings already, can only take 40-50 in Shine week

Basic rate is Y3240 including 8% sales tax for weekdays and Y3888 for weekends but will offer discounts for bookings longer than a day or two, for group bookings and for bookings not made via website. That might bring the rate right down to Y2500 excluding tax.

As a guideline, Toni says rooms at 50% booked 40-60 days ahead. Will probably ask for a deposit of one night’s rent

En suite bathrooms. Laundry machine. Towels provided. Free drinks (coffee etc) . Kitchen has fridge, microwave etc but no hob.

Bentos sold at only Y250 one minute away.

Check in 3pm, checkout 10pm. Open all hours.

3 minute walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

10 minutes walk from Asakusa subway station (Asakusa, Ginza and Tobu Skytree line)

10 minutes walk from Tawaramachi Station (Ginza line).

Y1200 to Narita, Y930 to Haneda

Ryokan Matsushima (aka Bakpak Tokyo)

旅館 松島

Hostel Matsushima (aka Bakpak Tokyo)

10 minutes from Minowa subway station (Hibiya Line) (and about 15 minutes down the road from Hostel 3000 Jyuraku but in a more residential area).

Ryusen 3-12-5, Taito-ku

+81 3 3875 3264

Manager Kobayashi-san does not speak English but a German working there can speak English

Feels old and scruffy but cheaper than the others. Lots of rooms: about 75 in all, for 10 people, 6 people, 5 people, 3 people, 2 people. Mainly bunk beds. One room has a double bed, and a couple of rooms have twin beds. Most have en suite bathrooms.

Rooms with 3 sets of bunk beds are officially priced at Y2500 per bed. Tatami rooms are officially Y3500 per futon. Some rooms, with toilet and bathroom across the corridor, are priced officially at Y2000 (one of these has 10 beds in bunks). However the hostel appears ready to give a reduction of at least Y500 from all these prices, for a group booking for a week, probably not booked through the website. Check whether prices include 8% sales tax.

They might ask for a 50% deposit for a large group.

Normally it’s fine to book just a week ahead  but for a group of 30 people book a month ahead

Space Hostel Tokyo

Space Hostel Tokyo near Ueno and Iriya

Kita-ueno 2-26-11, Taito-ku.  Tel +81 3 6231 6637 (good English)

The hostel feels clean and new. Each floor has an 8 bed room (4 sets of bunk-beds) and two 4-bed rooms (bunkbeds)

Around Y2700 per person per night, for a weeklong booking. It may be worth trying to negotiate a cheaper price than shown on-line. If not booked on-line, a deposit will probably be requested.

If it is a large group, they might prefer people to eat in their room, so as not to overwhelm the communal lounge space.

The hostel is reluctant to rent out more than 20-30 beds to any one group.

The immediate area around the hostel does not have many restaurants or shops.

10 minutes walk from Asakusa station (Tsukuba Express) – there are lots of restaurants and shops here, including Y250 bento meals.

13 minutes walk from Ueno station (JR Lines, Asakusa Exit) and 10 minutes walk from the Iriya Exit of Ueno station.

9 minutes walk from Uguisudani station (JR Lines, South Exit)

3 minutes walk to hostel from Iriya station Exit1 (on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)


Hostel Waqwaq Tokyo Ueno Asakusa  – near Ueno and Iriya

Kita-ueno 2-20-2, Taito-ku, Tokyo.  Tel +81 3-3843-0909  (good English)

This small hostel opened in December 2017, so is very new.

47 beds in all but 8 beds are for a female-only dorm. It consists mainly of 8-people bunk bed rooms and 4 people bunk-bed rooms. It should be able to take a group of 20 easily and possibly 30. Some rooms have en-suite showers.

Around Y2700 per person, probably less with a group discount. On-line may be cheaper than booking direct.

This hostel has no coin lockers, although there is a room-key where a whole room is taken by one group. Towels probably provided.

The immediate area around the hotel does not have many restaurants, (although access is through a trendy Pizza restaurant)

Only 2-3 minutes away from Space Hostel Tokyo, so distances from nearby stations are similar to those shown for Space Hostel




The application process includes 6 steps for each teams and individuals. There will be 3 forms to be completed by each individuals which are Registration with your specific details, References from pastoral leaders and also signing the Release forms. We require these to help you prepare in readiness for effective work in Japan. Payment is online through Peatix.

1. Info

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2. Select

Choose the Program

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3. Prepare

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 Online Registration Team Leader & Admin Coordinator

4. Apply

Make Your Plans

Complete 3 Forms for Each Team Member


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5. Submit

Confirm Details

Team Leader will Collect Forms from Each Member and Submit to



Once you are accepted, please make your full payment via peatix

SHINE Lifestyle 2018



Package Fee

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MAY 15

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MAY 25

Local Costs

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(Dinner Costs TBA)


Once Registration is accepted by 7MEDIA, you can pay using Peatix below: