National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre

National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre (NYC) in Yoyogi will be the hub for the first week of SHINE Experience 2017! SHINE Team has arranged the usage of meeting rooms & lodging facilities, with breakfast & lunch included. These are available for international and out of town teams/individuals from May 22nd – May 29th.  NYC is located at the heart of Tokyo, near Shibuya which is the centre of youth culture in Japan. Spaces are limited and we encourage you to Register Now.


The application process includes 6 steps for each teams and individuals. There will be 3 forms to be completed by each individuals which are Registration with your specific details, References from pastoral leaders & friends, and also signing the Release forms. We require these to help you prepare in readiness for effective work in Japan.

1. Info

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2. Select

Choose the Program

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3. Prepare

Bulid Your Team

 Online Registration Team Leader & Assistant Coordinator

4. Apply

Make Your Plans

Complete 3 Forms for Each Team Member

5. Submit

Confirm Details

Team Leader will Collect Forms from Each Member and Submit to



Once you are accepted, please make your full payment

SHINE Experience 2017



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Package Fees

A, B, C, D, or E

MAY 22

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