SHINE-ing for Jesus is our LIFESTYLE

Let’s take SHINE beyond the event and make it a lifestyle! SHINE-ing His light Brightly, Brilliantly and Boldly anywhere anytime! These are great tools to take back to your church and community.

When we live the SHINE Lifestyle, we shift the culture!


THE4POINTS started in the UK and has been gaining ground internationally. Rather than simply seeing young people as a group to “be evangelized” , we give young people tools to tell their friends about Jesus.

In Japan ( we focus on short videos about topics that interest Japanese youth [Relationships, Sports, Art, Bullying and Suicide to name a few]. Put those testimonies together with the very simple 4-point video gospel presentation and you have a powerful set of resources to help young Japanese Christians share the gospel.

Youth Alpha*


The Alpha Youth Film Series is 12 video sessions designed to engage students in conversations about faith, life and Jesus. And it’s all available for FREE. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith.


Transform the world by telling people about Jesus Talking to our friends about God isn’t always easy, but we’ve created an app that helps you start the conversation. With almost 3 billion people online now, we have never been so connected. So as followers of Christ, now is our chance to reach out to the online mission field that is at our finger tips. At yesHEis our desire is that this generation would be bold enough to stand up and make the most of what God has placed in our hands, literally, to make sure that no person journeys through their life without hearing what Jesus has done for them.

SHINE Generation*

SHINE – Be a light to shine is our lifestyle because we care. we care about this world. about the people. about the nature. about life itself. we are a movement of bold people that stand up and shine their light – wherever they are. In everyday situations, in school, in urbania, in the mountains or on the waves. become part of SHINE and make the SHINElifestyle your own!

When we live the SHINE Lifestyle, we shift the culture.