SHINE 2017


Of the 127 million people in Japan, less than 1% are Christian.  Japan has an aging population, with a low birthrate and high suicide rate.  Many young people question their very existence.  The family unit is breaking down and people are disconnecting.  A struggling economy and severely workaholic culture only further these issues.  The Japanese people are becoming more hopeless and purposeless.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If we SHINE the light of Jesus all over this country, what could Japan look like? 

Please join us for SHINE 2017, and share God’s splendid colours with Japan.


SHINE Japan is an initiative focused on bringing together outreach and prayer to reach Japan with the Gospel in new, creative and dynamic ways. 2017 marks the 5th year of working with Global Outreach Day in Japan. Please join us for two weeks of prayer and outreach to change the nation of Japan.  It would be wonderful if your organization could join us! Please be sure you make a reservation soon.

Program Options: 

  • First Weekend
  • First Week
  • First Week and the Second Weekend
  • Two Weeks Participation


We focus on outreach through 4 different tracks


Using media as a tool for outreach is a great way to break down barriers and start a conversation. From doing “surveys” to posing for pictures and a variety of other projects and strategies, media is a great tool for outreach.


This is the heart and soul of outreach in Japan. By seeking to pray for and reach out to the Japanese people we hope to make a major impact in the culture here.


Music is truly a universal language. Through concerts, live street worship, flashmobs and more we utilize the power of music to connect with and break through to the Japanese people.


We believe that serving the community is a major part of changing the culture and is certainly the responsibility of the church. Through specific events we seek to serve, assist and help out the local churches make the best impact on their local communities.