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Global Day of Prayer, an annual, international prayer movement occurring around Pentecost, was held again this year. In Japan, this happened on June 8th at Tokyo Union Church in Shibuya, Tokyo. Daisuke Yokoyama, a gospel singer, led worship. Participants prayed for the various spheres of society in Japan including the Tohoku area after a short film introduced each theme.

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The Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) an annual, international prayer movement occurring around Pentecost was held again this year. In Japan, this happened on June 8th at Tokyo Union Church with a gathering of participants from many nations who prayed for the various spheres of Japanese society.

Five young people led the group in lifting up prayers that followed after animated videos and short film testimonies for children, youth, families, people who have lost hope in the Tohoku Disaster areas, and people in business and government leadership.

Prayers for children introduced the 4/14 Window Movement that had been focused on evangelism to this age group. People prayed for children to be saved, to have the hearts of the children opened to the Gospel, and also for Jesus to bring about a social revolution through children.

Prayers for the salvation and activities of youth came next, alongside a short film depicting young people with low self-esteem.

Prayers for families opened with a short film about a couple who had divorced, but who had then both met Jesus independently and were now reconciled. There were prayers for the participants’ own families, that Christian homes would become good witnesses in the world, and also for households who had not yet been saved.

Following this, a short film was shown on the theme of hopelessness. This time, a testimony was shared about how contact with the Bible had saved and subsequently turned around a life of depression, withdrawal from society, and hopelessness for the future. Participants prayed that those who had lost hope or who were living in the disaster-affected areas of Tohoku would be visited by God’s glory.

The next prayers were for young working people living under stress.

The event concluded with a responsive reading of the prayer read at all GDOP gatherings worldwide. This prayer contained praise for God’s love and glory, as well as thankfulness for His love, directly addressing issues like world peace, poverty, genocide, and greed; and praying for His Kingdom to come.

Global Outreach Day (June 14th), a worldwide event to encourage evangelism was also mentioned. G.O.D. was held between June 9th and 13th with the Ochanomizu Christian Center in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo as the base of operations. Global Day of Prayer participants were encouraged to come and join in the street evangelism, flashmobs (street performances), and Gospel Live.