The year 2020 will be a catalyst for JAPAN with the Olympics and also significant for ASIA. We warmly invite Pastors, Leaders and Evangelists to journey together and to inspire each other for Kingdom vision . #Transformworld2020 #7Media #JiSportsPartners #graceCPnetwork

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Overview Film

TRANSFORM WORLD exits to “revitalize the Church to Renew the culture”. We will explore the 7 challenges facing the Gospel today with John Hur (TW2020 Global Coordinator).

7MEDIA is championing change across the 7 spheres of society from Children 4to14Window to Youth THE4POINTS and with YoungProfessionals Andy Game will speak to inspire ways to engage with next Gen thru new Media.

Global Sports events will bring amazing opportunities to Connect and Transform our Nations. The new Director for Japan International Sports Partnership, Rev Hiro Yonai, will share the vision.

Across Asia there are new Church Planting and Community creating initiatives gaining momentum. Rev Makoto Fukuda from Grace CP Network will update on their 10 year developments.